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High Ticket Business Catalyst

High Ticket Business Catalyst, led by Bibhash Roy, is a Coaching Program, a suite of tools and services for the aspiring Coaches in the world who want to become the best of the best. High Ticket Business Catalyst is made just for you if you're gunning towards the 6-figures mark or want to shoot for the magical 7-figure level.

High Ticket Business Catalyst Philosophy Is Simple




When you know how to BUILD the right Message, Offer along with a high converting Funnel, LAUNCH your business with the right strategies, and SCALE your programs LIKE crazy, you will have all the required tools to swiftly grow your Coaching and Online Course business to the level that only the best of best can dream of. Our entire Program is designed to help you with these top three vital & foundational elements, using state of the art & in-house strategies and tools that has perfected over the years.

 Here at High Ticket Business Catalyst, we work hard so you don’t have to.

Key Features of High Ticket Business Catayst Program

Who is this program for?

This is for you if you want to make and sell an High Ticket Program but need assistance.You need someone to lead you through this because you're trapped attempting to draw students, launch your course, and increase profits. You are extremely passionate about what you do and want to increase your financial independence by offering your knowledge.

What kind of program is this?

For beginners and experts alike, this is a Step-By-Step coaching program available online.From having no audience, no course, and no sales, you'll advance to being a leader in your niche and assisting students in your high ticket program. Everything is set out for you to have the clarity and assistance you need to not just learn what to do but also accomplish your goals.

Why does this program exist?

When it comes to finishing a program, there are so many debilitating barriers that It's difficult to decide where to begin, to create your material, to identify your prospective students, and then to market and sell your course. This program's goal is to assist you in overcoming these challenges so you can begin making sales and prosper by serving others.

When does it start and finish?

This online program is available right now & twenty four hours round the clock. Once you sign up, you may start right away. You will have an acceleration call with Bibhash in the first week to create the action plan you will be working on together. Additionally, you will have immediate lifetime access to all of the program's resources going forward.

Where can I access the program?

From a computer, tablet, or phone at any time, you can access the program online. You can download all the necessary training videos, checklists, and other materials from the program portal. Additionally, you'll receive three weekly live coaching calls with Bibhash and the others on Zoom, as well as round-the-clock assistance from the client community.

How does the program work?

Watch the instructional videos, finish the checklists, and seek assistance if you run into trouble. Join the customer forum and the weekly coaching calls where Bibhash will answer all of your inquiries to ensure your success. In the event that you ever get stopped, we'll be there to help you and get you moving again since we value simplicity, clarity, and assistance.

Join High Ticket Business Catalyst Program


The process of building a business & marketing does not have to be stressful. Allow our team to show you the ropes or relieve some of the pressure that you are carrying.

The High Ticket Business Catalyst is a unique Coaching Program that helps Consultants, Coaches & Course Creators and DFY Agency Owners skyrocket their revenue up to $50K/month or more in 90 days so that they can earn seven figures and retire comfortably without strategy & tactics related confusion, tech overwhelm & information overload, working with faulty processes & systems or BS from fake gurus

During this absolutely free 1:1 discovery call, we are going to:

Discuss the objectives you have set for your company.
Examine the methods you're using right now.
Discuss the difficulties you face in marketing.
Find out if it would be beneficial for both of us to work together.

 Regardless of whether you decide to work with us or not, you will walk away with the clarity and a gameplan to reclaim control of the trajectory of your business.

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